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The Bristol Reunion

Washington, DC, October 5-8, 2006

"Jerry and Clyde"

Jerry and Clyde sounds like a pair of Percheron or Clydesdale horses but believe they are not. Jerry and Clyde were a couple of sailors who once served on a great Ship. Jerry was a quiet, peaceful, young man from the mining belts of Pennsylvania and Clyde was young charger from the Tar Heel State of North Carolina. They met on this great Ship in the late 40's or early 50's. They formed a great friendship and went through a lot together, going around the world and serving in Korea among other challenging situations in defense of our great Country. Jerry and Clyde didn't complain, they just went out and did what was asked of them. After four or five years aboard the great Ship they went different ways but kept in contact with each other. Many years had gone by, forty or more and Jerry and Clyde wanted to have a reunion of the great Ship and it's great crew. They worked hard, wrote many letters, made many phone calls, hours turned to days and months and finally, in early October 1998, Jerry and Clyde's dream came true. The first Reunion of the great crew of this great Ship, the USS BRISTOL (DD857) took place in Pittsburgh, PA. It was a great success. Old acquaintances were renewed; much laughter and many tears of joy took place. We elected Clyde president and Jerry vice president. Old friendships were renewed and are still going. We have had our second Reunion (Fall River, MA) and just finished our third (Nashville, TN) our fourth is planned for Buffalo, NY. I am grateful for the efforts of Jerry and Clyde in being able to renew my old acquaintances with my old Shipmates. I personally was able to see a few Shipmates for the last time here on earth as they passed on, Clyde being one of them. But if it wasn't for the dream and effort of these two fine North American Blue Jackets, this would not have come about. We have new leadership now and very capable men to lead us in the future. I will forever be grateful for being reunited with the greatest sailors whoever sailed the seven seas, thanks to two great guys Jerry and Clyde.

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