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Lipert, Douglas R.

Served 58 to 61, TM3


I enlisted in the Navy from Milwaukee, WI in 1957 and went to boot camp in the Great Lakes. From there I went to Newport, RI for Torpedoman school, then onto Groton, Ct to Submarine school. But found at that it wasn’t for me so I transferred to the Bristol. I stayed on the Bristol until 1961.

I was married to my wife Marianne in September 1959, had four children (one daughter and three sons). There are now seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

I worked at several different jobs before finally settling into the electrical trade where I was self-employed for the last 25 years. I am now retired and do volunteer work two days a week on the USS Cassin Young DD793 in the Charlestown shipyard in Boston.

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