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Ratcliffe, Paul G.

Served 56 to 59, EM2


Born in Brooklyn, NY on October 20, 1937, where I lived with my parents and my younger sister. Worked on a dairy farm during the summer months and school breaks.

After graduation from high school joined the Navy in Dec. 1955. Boot camp in Bainbridge, Md and then on to electrical school at the Great Lakes Training Center. Following that was assigned to the USS Bristol out of Newport, RI as an electricianís mate. Was Electricians Mate 2nd Class upon leaving the Navy in December 1959. I will never forget all the adventures I had and the many countries I visited.

I have worked for 46 years in the elevator industry and have had my ups and downs.

My wife Diane and I have been married for 44 years and have two children, Dr. Lorraine Basso and Dr. Robert Ratcliffe, along with two wonderful grandchildren. We have been blessed.

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