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Molnar, Anthony W.

Served 57 to 59, RD3


Born and raised in Union City, NJ. Joined Naval Reserve in 1955 while in high school and did boot camp at Bainbridge, MD. Reported aboard the Bristol in February 1957 and served until January 1959. Was an RD3 when released from the Bristol. Enjoyed six cruises during my two years on the Bristol including crossing the Equator and the Arctic Circle within three months in 1957.

Worked in corporate world until 2004 in financial positions with various large corporations and two start-up companies. Extensive travel throughout the world brought back Bristol memories. Attended college at nights (14 years) attaining BBA and an MBA in Financial Management and in 1984 attended the Harvard University Advanced Management Program (AMP).

  Married to Barbara in 1960 — three daughters — nine grandchildren (6 boys and 3 girls) ages 7 through 21. Barbara passed away in May 2007.

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