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Bill Potabi – Suez Canal – 1960 

From Duane Haugan

Stan Creek, British Honduras after Hurricane Hattie Nov. 1961
  CMA ?, Capt (Cmd) Henry Bress, British Consul and Church of England Minister.

Taken by Duane (Snake Shooter) Haugan (Navy252)

Dan Moose and Herb Maguire 1960

From Duane Haugan (scan0014)

Duane Haugan and Jim Richardson

From Duane Haugan (scan042)

"Fillin' up"

From Duane Haugan (scan0012)

Gus Hennegler, Herb Maguire, Paul Rotter

From Duane Haugan (scan0028)

In Line to Fill Up

From Duane Haugan (scan003)

Jim Whitman and Paul "ALBY" Kallfelz

From Duane Haugan (scan0020)

Kellam, Raico and Haugan at The Ugly Duckling Inn
Odnese, Denmark 1960

From Duane Haugan (Navy11)

Liberty Party – Red Sea – 1960
Officer – in – Charge  Ltjg. Charles Van de Mar
(That's Don Tanner to the left of the coxs'n)

From Duane Haugan (scan0008)

Port Suez–1960
Waiting to be relieved by the USS SUMNER DD692 
top–l–r Pine, Goody, Bugsy and Pineda, Chief Curtis (kneeling)

From Duane Haugan (Navy164)

Top- l-r Pena, Rotter Raico and Kellam
Bottom Fogarty and Maguire

From Duane Haugan (scan0019)

Odense, Denmark Harbor
Top, l-r Larry Saloman, Dan Moose, Tex Taylor, Raymond Reese and Lynn Raymond
Bottom Paul "Alby" Kallfelz and Dan Fogarty

From Duane Haugan (navy2)

"Barbers" – Kling and Moore
"Victims" – Pearson and Whitman

From Duane Haugan (scan0022)

Tex Taylor and Burgess ET's 1960

From Duane Haugan (scan0017)

1964 – Palma, Spain
FN Coleman, BT3 Dorsey, BT1 Keefer, MM3 Hebron

From James Dorsey

1960 – Don Tanner and Allan (Scotty) MacRoberts

From Don Tanner

Armstrong & LeMay both FT's


Crain 1st Div & Tucker TM3

Don Singer TM3

Don Smith TM1

Odense, Denmark Canal

Pappy Dow Supply Div

Pendegraf TM2 & Don Smith TM1

Roger Burton FT2

Refueling from USS Elokomin (AO55)

Refueling view from Fantail

Singer & ship's bell

Singer, Tucker + 1

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