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April 2016

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May 2015

We regret to announce that because of safety concerns the 18th annual reunion scheduled for October 2015 in Baltimore has been cancelled. The 2016 reunion is scheduled for Wilmington, NC.

We thought it would be interesting to share some information about the current shipmates who belong to the USS Bristol DD857 Veterans Association.

The Bristol was based on the East Coast at Newport, RI for virtually its entire life from 1945 until 1969. While the population of the US has moved around over the past 60+ years the current geographic distribution of Bristol Association shipmates retains the east coast flavor.

Here is a table showing the current membership by section of the country and the top five states:

214 100.0%
Northeast 104 48.4%
Southeast 29 13.6%
Central 50 23.5%
Mountain 2 0.9%
Northwest 1 0.5%
Southwest 15 7.0%
West 12 5.6%
Puerto Rico 1 0.5%
91 43%
New York 28 Northeast
Massachusetts 22 Northeast
Florida 15 Southeast
New Jersey 13 Northeast
Pennsylvania 13 Northeast

The East Coast represents 62% of the members and when the Central US is added that is almost 85% of the total membership. The top five states are all from the East Coast and total 43% of the total.

Looking at the membership from when they reported aboard the Bristol provides another interesting look.

USS Bristol
Year reported aboard the Bristol
214 100.0%
1944-1949 32 15.0%
1950-1954 49 22.9%
1954-1959 63 29.4%
1960-1964 55 25.7%
1965-1969 15 7.0%

Included in the 1944-1949 Group are eight plank owners.

We hope that the above information is interesting to you.

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